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We don't stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop plaiying

Bijgewerkt op: 10 okt. 2019

Remember, back in the days when you we were outside all day long, playing with the children of your street, block or the neighborhood? Why don't you do that anymore?

Does life happen? You bring your kids to school and you go to work? Nicely dressed, neat make up et cetera...

Okay, so there's a point where we just stop moving and having fun, playing outside, running around, playing tag or try to climb a tree. And years later we wish we could be kids again, being carefree and just fool around with friends.

Yeah, I went through that, too. But I did find a way to get back to that little piece of freedom. By doing Parkour I found the aspect of playing, moving, trying out new things, that were actually very normal as a kid, like balancing or climbing. How easy you did the monkey bars as a kid is now an act of absolute body control, strength and a little bit of madness.

It is ridiculous how much strength we loose over the years and how frustrating it is if you are afraid of little heights. And the 8-year old girl next to you would just do it.

Yeah, just do it. Easier said than done.

So, by starting Parkour I really got my body control back, strength and I got a little bit in shape even. And the best thing is, it is all out there. The nature, the walls, the stairs, the railings, everything. It just is there waiting to be used, be jumped on or off, balanced on or rolled off.

So get off your chair or bench and just hop around, make some cartwheels or jump around for 5 minutes, you'll see, you'll get warm in no time.

Keep moving,



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