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Co-vid goes Co-Fit

Who does not recognize this? Due to Covid 19 we are more at home than ever, we sit more than ever, we eat more than ever and we are more addicted to social media, Netflix or gaming than ever.

But also we do more sport than ever! How cool is that?

I see more people going out for a run outdoors with their dog, Doing some exercises in the park and so on.

This is great! As a personal trainer I can not get enough of seeing people move and actually working for their personal goals. Whether it is improving their personal condition, working towards their first pull-up or just enjoying fresh air in the morning during a run.

Even tough the pandemic brings a lot of downsides I believe in the good that happens in every bad situation. Taking the time to calm down with a tea or hot cocoa, taking a day off just to finally sleep out, getting up before your family just to prepare a breakfast because you usually do not have the time for it is good for the soul. Let's take a moment here to appreciate what we do have and what we can control in our micro environment and make the best out of it. Resetting and creating new habits take time but are doable for everyone in every situation. The mental health goes hand in hand with physical health and can be improved every day.

Even the littlest ritual or habit can improve our mood and energy. If it is a good stretch in the morning, bullet journaling, taking a bath or baking a cake for your family in the weekends. It is up to you and you are in charge of your happiness, mental and physical fitness.

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